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Why do I coach? 
I believe every woman deserves to live her best life, to unapologetically own her brilliance, to not let what happened to her define h
I believe every woman deserves to have healthy, strong loving relationships, to follow her purpose, and to live her calling. I believe every woman deserves to own her personal freedom.

I believe women are sacred, I believe women matter, and I believe every woman needs to know and believe they are priceless! 
You are worth the work!

Can you hear the call...
Are you ready to own your one glorious life? 

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Can you hear your true self calling, longing for you to reclaim your life?


I am honoured to work with women from around the world, to witness that moment when an "ahhh" leaves their lips and a deep understanding of inner truth washes over them and then like Tetris many, many moments from the past click into place and allow for there to be actual space in the body, and in that space, where judgement, anger, sadness, anxiousness once sat, my clients are able to shift into self compassion, kindness and even love of themselves.  

Through private and group coaching I guide clients to that deep space within, to heal core beliefs, old patterns, self judgement and loathing. You will understand yourself with love and compassion, you will be to reunited with your true self, your self-love, your value and your worth. You will reclaim your life, which results in you living your most powerful, authentic, peaceful, joyous best life!


I am so grateful that you are ready to do the work to heal yourself.  In healing ourselves we heal our world and I am here for a new world. A world of love, compassion and a world that lives in harmony with our mother earth. 

Our world needs to you show up, own your brilliance, and share it with the world! 

 You are so worth the work! Your healing begins with you, here and now! 



I started sessions with Kate after I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I am now on my very last chemotherapy infusion. My oncologist tells me that  my treatment was a great success.  I can expect to continue on &  be cancer free.  I attribute this not only to the amazing new drug therapy, but also to my sessions with Kate. 

I am  no longer in bondage with  the trauma from my past .  Kate has helped me connect with my childhood self & heal the wounds that were still festering into my present self. I would encourage anyone with a diagnosis of  cancer to connect with Kate & spend the time it takes to heal your childhood trauma.   I believe that this healing has helped my body heal from breast cancer. There is no denying the mind body connection!


"I love the fact that you believe in me especially when I doubt myself with all of my insecurities. You can see past the negative stories I tell myself because I'm too scared to try. You offer hope by showing me a different way to look at the situation. You are making an impact by showing up when I need someone to hold me accountable to be a better version of me. So yes Kate you are a powerful coach! And thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!" Ann Z. -USA

While working with Kate, I've seen so many improvements to my life. Decreased anxiety issues, increased sleep quality and quantity, better diet, lowering my cholesterol medication, daily exercise, increase exercise intensity, improved relationships and dealing with issues in my past.
Tomas B. - Canada


The Early Childhood Educators of BC has been on a journey to support the profession. Part of the direction we have taken is providing opportunities for cohorts of ECE’s to develop their leadership skills.  One area that has been extremely helpful is providing coaching sessions in a safe open environment.

 Kate has joined cohorts of learning and has guided individuals through the process. This has been a rich experience for the participants, both for the person who is being guided and for those who are witnessing the activity.


This opportunity has had a positive long lasting impact for the Leadership Program. Kate is skilled in her work.

~Emily Galwick-ECEBC Executive Director~

Kate is so gifted in creating a safe space and inquiring gently - that its easy for the client to go deep, gain understanding and feel through the things that block us, that allows for so much healing, liberation from old patterns and greater self-love and compassion.

Working with Kate is groundbreaking! 

Through compassionate inquiry, Kate has helped me go deeper, understand more fully, and turn the corner to truly heal some old and painful wounds that have held me back from both fully experiencing the life I have and deeply loving myself. I feel liberated.

Thank you Kate, I am so grateful!

Gretchen L. -France 

The opportunity to work with Kate has afforded me an opportunity to explore a direction that is right for me. Kate has been kind and loving in her techniques. Her ability to support and re-frame made me feel safe and willing to go deeper and take risks.

Kate opened my perspective to identify old habits and create new ones that supported my growth. It was fair yet pushed my boundaries.

I am grateful to have this time to explore my personal journey, its been grounding and immensely helpful. ~ Emily M.-Canada

To be frank I was skeptical of the term, life coach. I was even more skeptical that the session would happen over a video conference call, and that my peers would be on the call. 

Kate has a gift. Soon after we began talking, her voice moved from the computer, and into my head. She gently, and expertly guided me through a dump of all of my present thoughts, and found a thread of thinking that resonated so deeply with beliefs that I held, unaware. 

That ability, to listen, to reflect, and to authentically try to understand is a gift. 

I was moved by the support that Kate was able to offer me, in such a short session. 

I wondered, “What if I fail?” “What if I can’t manage?” “What if it’s too much?”

Kate heard that and offered, “What if you succeed?” “What if you excel?” “What if this exactly where you’re meant to be?” It may seem trite, but it was exactly what I needed to hear. She saw me, and that in itself, felt amazing.

 Lindsay L- Canada

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