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On Purpose-Four Month Transformative Package 
In this 4-month package we will work in a way which allows for you to understand your blocks, triggers, patterns, fear, anger, anxiousness, resentment and your limiting core beliefs. 
You will understand your emotions, feelings, and all of your parts without shame or blame, you will see how these parts came to protect you as best as they could. You will understand your origin story and heal your core wounds. 

This is big, brave, bold work and I will be with you every step of the way. 

This is the way to a life of freedom.  Freedom from negative self talk, toxic relationships, unhealthy patterns, freedom from triggers, anger, the never-ending chatter in your head. 

Freedom to create the life and business that you long for, with your kids, spouse, co-workers, staff, in your career, your business, your relationships, yourself. 

You will notice shifts in yourself from day one and we will be celebrating all of your wins along the way.

"When a child has to chose between attachment and authenticity, attachment wins every time." Gabor Mate. 

We will get curious about when you had to choose attachment, together we will go back and heal those wounds so they no longer have a hold on your life and they won't block you any longer. 
You were meant to live a life on your terms, a life that serves you, a life on purpose!

Let us walk this journey together!

I look forward to meeting you, and I honour that something has awoken in you, a knowing that you are ready to be  living your authentic, powerful, glorious life. 

Investment 2774.00 payment plans available

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